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Jingle Cats Christmas DVD
Jingle Cats Christmas DVD
Jingle Cats Christmas DVD
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Product Description
The Jingle Cats sing Holiday Classics on this enchanting holiday DVD disc. The nine Jingle Cats are real cats that learned to sing at Santa's house. The elves taught them how to sing by listening to Santa's old records. Mrs. Claus discovered the Jingle Cats on her porch. Someone left them there and their mother was nowhere to be found. Mrs. Claus brought them into the house and gave them some warm milk. Later, when Santa came home from his journey delivering presents he saw the cute kittens playing with Jingle Bells from the sleigh. He said, "Ho ho ho, I think I'll call them the Jingle Cats." The Jingle Cats love to sing and play the Jingle Bells. Now with each holiday season, the Jingle Cats ride on Santa's sleigh and bring Christmas Joy to the entire world by singing Classic Holiday Christmas Carols that make the whole world burst with laughter.